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news 2013/14

2 new chairlifts for the Alpendorf ski resort

New chairlifts for Alpendorf ski resort

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The Alpendorf Lift Co constructed new chairlifts for the winter season 2013/14: the 25 year old Panorama-Chairlift I and II was exchanged for two new, comfortable chairlifts. Hereby the quality and comfort of the ski resort was highly improved.

During the summer months 2013 there was a lot of construction going on up on the mountain.




Chairlift "Obergassalmbahn"

Neue Anlage Obergassalmbahn im Skigebiet Alpendorf

The lift no. 56 is now named "Obergassalmbahn" and is a detachable 6-men-chairlift from the lift constructor Doppelmayr. Top priority for this lift is the saftey of children: the lift is especially constructed to fit the needs of our youngest skiiers with self-locking saftey bars and adjustable conveyer band.

Chairlift "Strassalm-Bahn"

Strassalmbahn - Neubau im Skigebiet Alpendorf, Salzburger Land.

The lift no. 52 is named "Strassalmbahn" and is a detachable 8-men-chairlift with bubbles and seat heating, as well from the lift constructor Doppelmayr. The highlight of this lift is its ecological benefit: there will be a photovoltaik plant on the building of the peak-station of the lift, which is situated right next to the peak-station of the "Buchaubahn" (no. 60).

Facts & Figures

Lift Obergassalmbahn Strassalmbahn
Number 56 52
Type detachable 6-men-chairlift
detachable 8-men-chairlift
Capacity 2.800 P/h 3.200 P/h
Speed 5 m/s 5 m/s
Horizontal Length
898 m 753 m
Hight Difference
210 m 243 m
Number of chairs
55 42