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and can present some news in winter 14/15

snow making system

technical snow making, Techno Alpin machines

Not every winter starts with tons of natural snow, therefore we invest in our snow making systems to guarantee a winter start on time







  • new water reservoir "Gsteng" (enlarged from 28.000 m3 to 180.000 m3 water capacity)
  • 2 new pump stations
  • 14 km of new water pipelines
  • 107 snow making machines only in Alpendorf
  • within 5 days it is now technically possible to bring snow on all slopes in Alpendorf (when temperatures allow it)

Improved slopes

Perfect slopes in Austria
  • slope to the valley (Alpendorf) has broadened
  • improved slopes at e.g. "Obergassalm" and "Hirschkogel/Strassalm"
  • improved slope from Kreistenalm to Sternhof

There are now 105 ha of slopes in Alpendorf only.

betterpark alpendorf - NEW!!

betterpark alpendorf new

Also our fun- and freestyle park "betterpark alpendorf" is new in winter 2014/15. 

  • new location: Hirschkogel (the park changed location with our race and speed-run)
  • new park-set-up: with easy, medium and difficult obstacles
  • total length: 900 m
  • amount of obstacles: 25


Around 60 % of the obstacles in the park will cater to beginners and slightly advanced freestylers. The rest is here for all the sophisticated and well advanced skiiers.

panorama platform "Geisterturm"

panoramic platform ghost tower

An existing transmitter tower was encased by a 2-floor-panormic platform which provides a beautiful 360° panorama on the surrounding mountains and alpine area. The name "Geisterturm", which means Ghost Tower, stems from our summer adventure park on the mountain which is called Ghost Mountain.








The last two years a lot of things were changed and modernised in Alpendorf. Click here to see what we did last year.


winter season 2013/14

family ski resort Alpendorf
family ski resort Alpendorf